I haven’t seen that many people in a while

14 Feb 2011

Athens, Greece

Yes, I’m back in civilization and though I would have loved to postpone leaving Skyros, I must say, civilization is nice too. I’ve been meeting other backpackers, eating moussaka and taken a tour around Athens – all in all, have been a good tourist and the sun is still shining. I’m now going to have another one of those fresh juicy oranges and figure out a way to get to the airport tomorrow since there’s another strike and no public transport.


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2 kommentaariLisa kommentaar

  1. Ja meil on pakane…

    • Ah, mis sa nüüd… Nii mõnus soe päike paistab ja temperatuuri on mõnel pool koguni 32 kraadi! Kuigi, tõsi ta on, miinuspoolel.


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